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emma lee

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tearing [Mar. 12th, 2009|06:24 am]
emma lee
silty fish rock blurred inky paper with warm brush no tackiness heated breeze nothing sticks ashy blowing summer light isnt melted disintegrated hardness softened pieces flying on dark microscopic tissue dirt in the wind landing on my page in my thoughts through my mind how i breathe what i smell when to think i feel today and nothing planned the sky cracked open dumping glass i lost my nerve and buried covered in this sense of ends chalky firey swirling kisses of emptiness vacancy and openness made my spirit itch and tightened heart with biting blush all my strength and power drive endurance fight and speed confessed its strategy positioning movement on sexually erotic points at the fingertips sharpened vigorous lively cushions of blood reeling cutting gnashing captaining nails all because of one vengeful sea dwller made from gunpowder and the incense of marigolds.